Seeking White Words, Photos, Videos

This is the place to write, photograph and video everything Northwest Skiing, Snowboarding and Snow Stuff. Summer time too.

Since starting in 1958 as a print magazine we have always been a bit of a volunteer group. Now, as an online version we need bloggers, reporters, photographers, and videographers to provide high quality, interesting and informative posts frequently during the snow season and monthly during the off season.

To become a contributor, register online here with all your contact information. Include your background and experience in the comments section. Write a nice Profile about yourself.

Keep in mind that we don't have big budgets but we give everyone credit for the work they do and pay a small remittance to work we can accept from volunteers.

Join Us Today

Please join our team of volunteer reports, photographers and videographers as we kick up snow everywhere we can. Here is what we need

NEWS REPORTER - Write about people & conditions, race results, restaurants and hotels and equipment reviews, events and activities. Short 200-300 word pieces, up to 10 pieces per month December through March. Monthly the rest of the year. Please also submit a photo, have someone else submit or direct us to where we can find a photo and gain copyright to display it.

  • We will hire one person from every resort in the Northwest and British Columbia
  • Submit 5 to 10 posts per month during ski season and 1 to 2 monthly other times.
  • Pay is $5 per published news report.
  • Or offer news free to increase change of publication.

BLOGGERS - For skiing, snow boarding and winter sports in the Northwest preferably one per month. 500 to 800 words. Submit evergreen articles far in advance, or recent events soon thereafter. Opinions are welcome, but you must be kind, cite sources and interview both sides of controversial topics.

  • Submit one blog per month year round.
  • About your resort or the sport in general.
  • Personal pieces are acceptable.
  • Pay is $10 per published blog
  • Or offer blogs free to increase chance of publication.

PHOTOGRAPHER - Provide a high quality photo with every news or blog post, Or just wonderful ski, board or snow photos. You may also find someone else to submit the photo. But at least one phono is required for each news or blog.

  • Soon we will have a photo upload on the
  • For now email photos to
  • Pay is $10 per published photo.
  • Or offer photos free to increase chance of publication

VIDEOGRAPHER: Provide high quality short videos to accompany news or blogs, or separate without a story.

  • Soon we will have a video upload on
  • For now post to so we can download them.
  • Pay is $20 per published video
  • Or offer videos free to increase chance of publication.

CALENDAR REPORTER: Submit upcoming events, dates, sponsoring person or organization. Or ask resort, club or race sponsors to do so. (There is no compensation for event postings.)

How it Works

These are the rules that govern how to submit, what we accept and what we pay.

  • Submission accepted only by posting to our website.
  • Do not submit writing by email or mail.
  • Be sure to register with all your contact information.
  • Submission which are not pre-approved may not be used
  • There may be no response to submission that are not accepted.
  • But if used contributor will be compensated.
  • Deadline is midnight every Thursday during ski season
  • By the 25th of each month in off season
  • Submit writings far in advance if possible.
  • All contributors get their byline on their writing, photos, videos.
  • Only quality submission are accepted.
  • There is now pay for content businesses submit about themselves.
  • No pay for unused submissions.
  • No pay for copyright free submission such as from YouTube.
  • Submitter warrants they own copyright of submissions
  • Submitter grants us perpetual license to use as we see fit
  • Submitters may offer free content to increase chance of acceptance.
  • Once submitted, content can not be withdrawn.
  • Once publisher, content can not be removed.

So are you ready to get white? Ready to write, photograph or video? All you have to do is regsiter and then start submitting.

Get Published on NW Skier Magazine

DETAILS: We work to keep this information up to date, but details do change from time to time based on circumstances, often on short notice, and sometimes beyond our control. To verify any answer or other information you may need, please call or email us anytime. Allow a reasonable amount of time for response. Only legitimate inquiries will be answered.