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Q: When was Northwest Skiers Magazine started?

A: Started back in the summer of 1958, Northwest Skier Magazine is now an online magazine for instant news and information. Technology gives us more room to publish anything and everything of interest to those who love to freeze their toes.

Q: Will Northwest Skier ever print a magazine again?

A: Geeze we hope so. Depends on if you tell your friends to read this website and if enough of the do so.

Q: What geographic areas does Northwest Skier cover?

A: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and we throw in Alaska so the state doesn’t feel left out. Sometimes we even touch on other ski and boards areas, far away, that you simply must try.

Q: What is the Northwest Skier Publication schedule?

A: We look for new articles every week from Thanksgiving through March, then monthly the other (boring non-snow) times of the year.

Q: Does NorthwestSkiers.com hire writers & photographers?

A: Absolutely, positively. We need great articles form every state and province in the Northwest. Plus we want fabulous photos and vigorous videos. Just go to our News, Blog or other pages and click the "Submit" button. .

Q: How much does Northwest Skier pay for writing, photos, videos, etc.?

A: Frankly we're not a giant media conglomerate so we are looking for local folks who want to help out but we do offer modest payment for articles, photos and videos. And you get the byline.

Q: How can I promote my business on NorthwestSkier.com?

A: First look on the "Businesses" icon to see if your business is already listed. If not, add it by clicking on the "Submit Your Business" Link. It is free.

And if you want more visibility and an expanded listing click the "Advertise" button the top right.

Q: Who publishes the NW Skier website?

A: Plumbob Publishing operates this website for fun and frivolity with the expressed purpose of promoting everything snow. We are headquartered in Seattle, Washington just 1 hours away from skiing, snowboarding, etc.