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La Niña and Winter Outlook for 2020-21 from the Powder Poobah

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Date: 02/09/10
Caption: Ski at Stevens Pass, Washington
Description: Wondering about SNOW in the mountains this season? La Niña, an OPTIMISTIC report from the Powder Poobah, meteorologist in the Pacific Northwest. Listen or read his notes here. La Niña is good for PNW. It typically brings near-above normal snowfall for the NW and that’s basically from a line in Oregon, Bachelor, Hood, up thru WA. All the local areas White Pass, Crystal, Summit and Mt Baker, and East of the mountains. The inland NW does very well, places like 49 Degrees North, Sandpoint, Silver Mountain and up through BC, also into Montana and much of N. Idaho. So the NW doesn't just mean Western WA. It means really good snow through much of the NW, including Whistler and parts east into Montana and S. Idaho. It does not mean such great news for much of the rest of the country. The climate prediction center already including above normal precipitation, sort of from N. Oregon through N. Idaho into Montana, parts of Wyoming. There's equal chances down in California, and below normal through parts of S. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado. As usual, we can always expect some mild periods, so it doesn't mean that we're going to have cold and snowy all winter.