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5 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in Washington State | US Skiing Guide

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Date: 02/09/10
Caption: Ski at Stevens Pass, Washington
Description: 5 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in Washington State, USA No matter the time of year, the state of Washington is never lacking on fast-paced recreation. During the summer months, the mountains of Washington cater towards hiking, biking, and overnight camping, but come winter, skiing and snowboarding dominate the slopes. Whether you are just figuring out the pizza-pie stopping technique, or you prefer to shred in the backcountry through fresh powder, there are plenty of opportunities to carve your way down a mountain in Washington. While the best ski resorts in the state do vary with the type and amount of snow they receive, the common denominator between all ski resorts in Washington is the refreshing feeling of stepping off the chairlift into a winter wonderland. Here five best ski resorts in Washington State, US State 1. Mt. Baker Ski Area 2. The Summit at Snoqualmie 3. Crystal Mountain Resort 4. Stevens Pass Resort 5. 49° North Mountain Resort